Netscape Users:




The inner pages of this site are composed completely in Bangla. 

Netscape users will need to download and install the BornoSoft site font to be able to read the Bangla pages. It is quite simple and takes only a minute.

If you know how to install fonts, you may download the zip font file as the file size is only 54 KB. Do NOT forget to activate the font by double clicking on it inside the Windows Fonts folder if you have dragged it there.

Download Site Font zip (54 KB)

If you are not sure how to handle a zip file or how to install a font, you should download the font Installer, double click on it and follow the instructions.

Download Site Font Installer (392 KB)


If you do not want to download/install the font, please visit our fully bilingual site for the Free Basic edition and Upgrade editions of our products.  Download and use the free copy.  You will be amazed to see how easy Bangla typing is!


What this site is all about?

Download page for instructions and download links.

Information for Internet Explorer users.


Please download and install the font, and re-visit the site.