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Our alphabet, BANGLA, has lots of problems in dealing with electronic media. While it remains extremely difficult to type our own alphabet using a typewriter or a computer, it is far more difficult to use them on the web. As the newer technology is coming in, few extremely interested and devoted Bangla workers are trying their bests to make our alphabet or language visible in the Cyberworld.

BornoSoft™ is one such establishment, which has made enormous effort to improve the situation. The organization has thoroughly researched the problems in Bangla typing and has studied the programs of other Asian languages having plentiful of characters (alphabet). Finally, BornoSoft™ has provided a scientific solution to this issue.

This site is intended to encourage and promote Bangla


the use of Bangla in whatever possible aspects of our electronic life. As you will proceed through the different sections of this site, we believe you will realize the existing drawbacks, as well as the necessity of Bangla.

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Hope you will enjoy your stay and please visit frequently to see new articles and discussions on Bangla.

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