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Background of Setting Free

You can download and use the Basic edition of BornoSoft Accent (previous name: BornoSoft Bangla2000) without registration.  This edition has been made free for all Bangla users by the sole endeavor of Ashfaque Swapan of Berkley, California.

Ashfaque Swapan is a connoisseur Bangla-lover who, during his student life, had published a few Bangla books translated from English.  He realized the present pitiful situation of Bangla in regards to its use on computers.  He also understood the reason behind such a situation.  It would not be irrelevant here to mention that not even 5% of the Bangla-speaking computer users are able to write Bangla using this machine.  (Read an article on this topic.)  After more than two decades following the beginning of use of computers in Bangladesh and West Bengal (India), no such Bangla software has evolved which can be easily used to compose Bangla on computers.

Immediately after using BornoSoft Accent, which has been developed on a set of easy rules based on consistent logics – Ashfaque Swapan, like many others, realized the fact that Bangla keyboarding could not have been made simpler.  But he knew that many interested Bangla users have purchased and tried one or more Bangla software but have failed to be benefited from them.  As a result, they have lost faith in any Bangla software to such an extent that they are now reluctant to try any more.  He, therefore, in an intention to increase the use of Bangla on computers, started to think about making the BornoSoft product free for all and asked BornoSoft about the possibility of the same. 

But why would BornoSoft make it free?  Any software has a substantial development cost, especially if developed in the North America.  Moreover, its designer and developer worked on it around the clock for the last three years, leaving behind his own profession.  Despite any profit, the loan amount of the founder of BornoSoft has increased with time.  BornoSoft therefore could not agree with Swapan’s proposal on making its product free.  It can only be set free at the cost of its development expenses.  The undertaker wanted to substantiate the possibility of raising funds.

On the other side, well-wishers of the founder of BornoSoft always wanted him (the founder of BornoSoft) to pull himself out from the project of Bangla on computers.  From the very beginning of the BornoSoft founder’s involvement in the Bangla software project, his friends and family have wanted him to get back to his own profession, giving up his project, which in their eyes was meaningless and a wastage of time.  Three long years have passed since his heart and soul involvement, but nothing has been achieved so far.  If the software could be set free, the founder’s effort to widen the use of Bangla on computers might then go a long way forward and the founder of BornoSoft might return to his profession.  They suggested BornoSoft to agree on any amount to set it free.

Finally, however, BornoSoft agreed to set free one of its products at one-fourth the cost of its development expenses as it might help increase the use of Bangla on computers.  Ashfaque Swapan solely took up a project named Digital Bangla Project under a non-profit organization – the International Institute of Bengal Basin with active cooperation of Dr. Rashbihari Ghosh.  He (Swapan), basically only by himself, started the painstaking work of raising funds for this project. 

Of the targeted amount of $30,000.00, about $10,000.00 were actually raised.  The majority of the funds came from the families and friends of Ashfaque Swapan and from Ashfaque Swapan himself.  Those who have contributed to the cause of this project have certainly made the difference among the fellow Bangla speakers.  In their honor, a list of these contributors has been added to the free edition program.


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