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Although the significance and objective of this project had reached several hundred thousand Bangla-speaking people through newspapers, radio broadcast and e-forums, no positive cooperation could be attained other than some untoward criticism regarding the effort.  The significance of the project success was that Bangla would be widely used on computers; and the objective was to collect 500 users who would purchase a copy of BornoSoft Accent (previous name: BornoSoft Bangla2000) at US$55.00 (the selling price of the Standard edition of BornoSoft Accent).  In reality, only 50 such persons offered their patronage (as of Sept 1, 2003).

The project was launched and fund raising was started on the 16 of December 2002.  The scheduled date to set free BornoSoft Accent was rescheduled at a later date several times.  The number of patrons, however, did not increase.  The undertaker of this project bitterly realized that although there are innumerable numbers of Bangla-speaking people showing theoretical concerns on the issues of many other problems including the problem of using Bangla in the medium of modern technology, there is a scarcity of people who would be sincere enough to make any practical contribution towards the solution of a problem.

The Digital Bangla project came to an about-to-shutdown situation.  Those who once showed much enthusiasm about the project did not later come forward to provide any actual assistance.  The undertaker’s only hope was then left with the members of his own family and friends.  All of them had signed up for a contribution at the very beginning of the project.

Most of those who have contributed from $200.00 to $500.00 in this project are relatives, friends or acquaintances of the undertaker himself.  Some are from among the well-wishers of BornoSoft’s founder.  The obvious reason behind their patronage was to help widen the use of Bangla on computers; but at the same time, their effort was to provide support to the endeavor of the undertaker and BornoSoft to help establish Bangla in the electronic media.

Among the contributors of other amounts, excepting no more than five persons, all are personally known to the undertaker of the Digital Bangla Project.  Needless to say, only these five persons are actual Bangla lovers.  It may also be mentioned in this context that some people observed the project from a business point of view and had criticized or negatively responded in many e-forums when the Digital Bangla project was launched.  They may now relax knowing that except the acquaintances, friends and families of the undertaker of the Digital Bangla Project, only five true Bangla lovers had responded to the cause of the project. 

BornoSoft pays its tribute and would remain grateful to the patrons of this project.  Their contributions will not only help reduce the burden of BornoSoft loan, but will also pave the way to establish Bangla in the electronic era.

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