This site has been designed to be best viewed by 1024768 High color (16 bit) screen display. The simple reason behind it is that it looks cool that way. Moreover, you don't have to scroll through the window to read or view one whole page at a time. It will make your computer a little faster too. Most users prefer 800600 resolution. But if you get used to a higher resolution, I bet you will love to use that forever.

It's really simple to change the display properties settings and you may change it as many times as you want while working on your computer. Please go through the following steps to change the settings if you would want to:

Your computer may already have a Display setting icon on the Task Bar.



Click (once) on that icon and select the right settings. Your screen may flicker momentarily. But that won't be a problem. If any dialogue box appears, choose 'apply changes without restarting'.

Please resize the active window by double clicking on the top blue bar of that window or simply maximize it.



If your computer does not have that icon in the task bar, make the present window smaller and minimize all other windows to go to your desk top.

Click (once) the right mouse on the desktop and choose the Properties. Display Properties will appear.




Click on the Settings tab and you will get a properties window as shown on the right. Change the Color settings to High Color (16 bit) from the drop down menu. Change the Screen area by moving the slider towards more. If at this point you cannot get 1024768 pixels by moving the slider to the maximum, you may want to consult a computer expert.

You are done. But to make it easier to apply similar changes in future, you would probably like to add the 'Screen Display Properties Icon' to your task bar. To do this, click on the Advanced button.





Your are now in a property window like this. Check the Check Box next to 'Show settings icon on task bar'.

Click OK and then OK button again. If a message appears, choose apply settings without restarting the computer. Your screen will flicker but you are okay.

Now maximize the window on which you were working.

Good luck! Enjoy and change the settings any time you want.


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