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Any upgrade product can be used 20 times with some limitations for evaluation purposes.  A registered copy does not have such limitations.   Every copy must be registered to enjoy unlimited and unrestricted use.

Registration requires a Product S/N and the Product ID.  A Product S/N may only be available with a valid purchase either from us or from one of our designated agents. If you have already purchased an upgrade, please enter the information in the ‘User Information Window’.  You can do so at the very first use or at a later time from the Help menu of the Program (Help>Register BornoSoft).  Subsequently you will get the Product ID, which will be generated by your computer. Send us the Product S/N and Product ID, and we will send you the registration key after verifying the ownership of the copy. 

Please note that registration key cannot be generated only on the Product S/N.  We will not be able to generate the key until we get the Product ID which is generated by your computer.  The Product ID may be considered as the Lock # of your comouter.  We can generate the registration KEY only when we receive the Lock #.

Each computer will generate a separate and unique Product ID and, therefore, the registration key generated for a particular computer (i.e. Product ID) will not work on another computer.

You will get more details and stepwise direction in the program itself.  It is actually pretty simple. For any kind of help at any instances please send an e-mail to


Product S/N:  Each copy of a BornoSoft product is assigned a unique serial number.  The Product S/N helps to generate the Product ID and identify a valid user.

A Product S/N may look like this:

B26R 9PG7 HK35


Product ID: The Product ID is generated by the user’s computer.  The registration key is generated on the basis of a Product ID.

A Product ID may look like this:

NP1A 9C4N 123X P9M1 QDXR


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