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Purchase for multiple computers

Web download purchase at the price listed below is good for registration for one computer.  No disk or documentation will be sent.  We will send you a Product S/N within 24 hours (2 to 4 hours in most cases) after the payment confirmation. You may then start the registration process.

Web download purchase

     Standard Edition              US$ 15.00               Dscontinued

     Preferred                         US$ 25.00               Discontinued

     Professional                     US$ 35.00               1 registration


Disk package PurchaseDscontinued

If you would like to purchase the Disk Package, please see the price listed below.  It includes shipping. You will get three registrations to use on three computers with a disk package purchase.  Orders will be shipped within three business days.
Note: Disk package is not available at this time.

Disk package pricing

     Standard Edition              US$ 50.00

     Preferred                         US$ 70.00

     Professional                     US$ 90.00               2 registrations

     Professional                     US$ 120.00             3 registrations

     Professional                     US$ 150.00             4 registrations


If you use credit card (Visa, Master Card, Discover, American Express) you purchase it now by clicking the Purchase link.  Soon afer you complete the payment process, you will receive an invoice via e-mail. You will receive the Product S/N within 24 hours (2 to 4 hours in most cases). You may start processing the registration with a downloaded copy.


Don’t have/use a Credit Card?

Please send an e-mail to if you do not have or you do not want to use a credit card.  Please include your complete address and a telephone number. We will send you information on how you may purchase.



Purchase for multiple computers

Corporate/Institutional Purpose: If you would like to use the program on multiple computers, please send an e-mail to  Please mention the purpose and how many computers would you like to use it on.  We will send you a discount quote, if applicable, and a separate link to make the purchase.


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