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Why Upgrade?


If you are currently using the Basic edition of BornoSoft Accent (previous name: BornoSoft Bangla2000) and do not want to move back and forth between the Basic and MS Word for the formatting tools, you may think of upgrading your copy.

If you are using the Basic edition on Windows XP, NT, 2K or Vista, and you are bothered with the unwanted spaces in the Bengali texts, you may want to go for the upgrades.  (In some machines this problem may occur also in Win 9x or Me.)

If you are using a Standard edition, you may be able to use the Page setup, Page layout, Page break, Print preview etc.  But if you want to create Tables, Insert images, clip arts or equations, you have to use Preferred or Professional editions.

You will be able to do all of the above using the Preferred edition, but if you want to create a PDF document of your Bangla composition and you do not have Adobe Acrobat, you may consider our Professional edition.

Professional edition enables you to create PDF documents in a mouse-click. Besides that, you can save your documents as Web pages (HTML).  You will also be able to Insert Header-footer, Pagination, find Word count, etc. Nevertheless, you will have the option to set up the font or page lay-out of your choice as default.

Preferred and Professional editions are equipped with a Spell-checker.  However, this may not run properly on some machines.  Preferred and Professional edition users will get the upgrade of Spell checker free of charge as soon as it is fixed.

Finally, if you purchase an upgrade, you would be helping BornoSoft’s effort to widen the use of Bangla on computers.  At some point in time we would be able to make the Standard or Preferred, or even the Professioanl edition free for all.  Your patronage will certainly play a role in expanding the use of Bangla in the electronic media.


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