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Free Basic Download


Please send an e-mail to if you want to download the free Basic edition.  Please write “Free Basic” in the Subject line of your e-mail, otherwise you will not get a reply.  Also, please include the name of the city and country you are living in now.  An e-mail reply will follow almost immediately having the download link and necessary instructions. Please follow the e-mail instructions to download and install. 


For Yahoo and Hotmail users

The reply to your download request e-mail will be sent immediately to the account from which the request has been received. You may want to check the Junk mailbox if you do not see any reply from BornoSoft within a few minutes in your Inbox.


We assure you that we will not abuse your e-mail address.  At best, we may request you to send us some feed-back based on your evaluation. Basically we want to know how many users are interested in using Bangla on computers, and whether the free software has helped to increase the number of Bangla users. 







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