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Free Basic Limitations

Every software has limitations.  The basic edition of BornoSoft Accent (previous name: BornoSoft Bangla2000) is not without limitations as well.  However, there are ways to handle these minor problems.

The Basic edition was our first release.  Most of the users have been using this edition until now. To keep the development cost low, only the minimum required features of a word processing program were implemented in the basic edition. The text processing, however, in any of the editions remains exactly the same.

Limitations of the Basic version are mostly attributed to its formatting abilities. Features like Page setup, Page layout, Print preview, Page break, creating Tables, Inserting images or equations, etc, are not available in the Basic edition. These features are built-in in the upgrade editions.  But you can use all these features without having the upgrade.  Just save your Bangla document as RTF, open the RTF document in Microsoft Word and make use of all the features that you want.

If you use the Basic edition on Windows XP, NT or Window 2000 operating systems, you will notice some unwanted spaces in the Bangla texts as you may see now in the Bangla pages of this site if you are using Internet Explorer browser. This may also occur in some machines with Win 98 or Me OS. We have spent quite a lot to address this problem and it has been taken care of in our upgrade editions.  And once again, you don’t have to purchase the upgrade to get rid of this situation. There is a way around this problem too.  Just ignore the spaces and complete the Bangla text composition. Save your document as RTF and open it in Microsoft Word (or simply copy and paste the Bangla texts on an MS Word document).  You will find the spaces no longer exist.


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